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Friday, April 27, 2012

Why Do the Reform-a Cons Lie Cheat and Steal? Because They Can!

It is a basic tenet of consumerism/corporatism that the market will charge for it's products and services what ever it can safely get away with. Traditionally, this means that producers/businesses will charge whatever consumers will pay for their widgets. It has nothing to do with the actual value of their products or services in real terms. It is all about the value that consumers place upon them. What ever the population is willing to accept.  It is supposed to keep the markets fair and act as a means of keeping the producers from gouging the public.  

The price of a given product rarely
has anything to do with it's actual
But have you ever wondered why we are paying $1.30 for a litre of gasoline (more in many places across Canada), $12 for a pack of cigarettes, $3.00 for a bag of chips or 20 (+) % interest on a credit card when the prime lending rate is 7 or 8%? And remember when we didn't have to pay "Interac" fees for banking at ATMs other than our own? It's because the people who make these things or provide these services CAN charge us these abominable rates. We are addicted to gasoline and cigarettes so our collective "need" is vastly exploited by the producers. We WANT our chips so we will pay almost anything the producers will charge and we desperately NEED our credit cards, at any cost. A citizen without a credit card is no citizen at all. And banks charge us Interac fees now because we have become accustom to the convenience here in our new-improved hyper-convenient society. In essence, we are charged exorbitant fees and prices because the markets CAN charge us exorbitant fees and prices. There is no law against it in a "Free Market" economy and any so-called watch-dogs have little or no clout to enforce reasonable pricing. This is a capitalist society. It's how it works.

The Invisible Hand
of Capitalism.
But what does all this have to do with the Reform/Conservative Party (otherwise known as the Conservative Party of Canada, or as I refer to them, the Reform-a-Cons)? I mean, they are a political party, right? What does corporatism have to do with politics? Well for starters, traditional Conservative parties have been identified with Business interests. Their philosophy, whether you buy it or not, is that whatever is good for business is good for the country and hence good for society. This is not necessarily and erroneous belief as long as one also believes in the "Invisible Hand" of capitalism which is supposed to be in essence, the law of supply and demand and that the wealth from prosperous businesses will trickle down to the consumer class, thus creating perpetual balance in the capitalist society. A lovely notion if it were true. The problem is, if there ever WAS an Invisible Hand, it no longer exists. But I digress...

It stands to reason then that in traditional Conservative circles, these politicians have often been well connected in business. If not, they have been extremely sympathetic to the needs of the business class. But let us not forget, our current Majority Conservative government is anything BUT a traditional Conservative group. This so-called party has evolved from the extremest, evangelically driven Reform Party. They possess the Conservative name only because of the treachery of Peter MacKay who, as the last leader of the old Progressive Conservative Party, sold his soul to Stephen Harper in return for power and influence. So imagine then, the traditional business friendly Conservative principles, mutated and distorted by extremism and religious dogma. This then, is the Reform-a-Con Party of Canada and they view themselves as being on a divine mission.

And if you buy that line of crap that the
Reform-A-Cons had nothing to do
with fraudulent Robo-calls, then have I got
a deal for YOU on Florida swamp land. CHEAP!
So this current Conservative party has decided to use the marketing strategies and unwritten principles of the corporate world in order to achieve their mission. Harper has decided to run the country as though it was a business and he views Canadians as being no more than consumers, purchasers of his snake-oil, to be bamboozled and exploited.    As a result we end up with Robo-calls, secrecy, contempt of/for Parliament and disregard for the well being of the general public and their democratic rights. Not to mention the blatant disregard for the environment, women's rights and science, all of which are seen, as being bad for the Reform-a-Con Business.  So we now end up with the most corrupt government in our history. 

But why would a political party, who's future is based solely on the approval of the masses lie, cheat and steal their way into power? And how on earth can they get away with it? Well aside from the fact that they believe it is their divine mission, they use these tactics for the same reason businesses and services rob from us. They do it because they CAN and there is no one to stop them. The Reform-a-Cons have learned their business strategies well and have become adept at  exploiting every conceivable loop-hole in the law. Canadian law, at least as far as politics and elections are concerned, was established for Canada as it was 100 years ago with minor modifications being made along the way. It was not designed for, nor could it ever have envisioned, the information age nor the coming of the Reform-a-Cons. As such, it is outdated and ripe for exploitation by a zealous generation of "political entrepreneurs". 

So who is to stop this corrupt bunch from making a mockery of our democracy? Elections Canada? The RCMP? It took five years for Elections Canada to finally gain a conviction over the Reform-a-Cons for the "In and Out" scandal of 2006. And what was the penalty? a $52,000 fine. A slap on the wrist. The Government of Harper spent ten times that amount just in court costs alone. And because the Reform-a-Cons had all the money (our tax dollars) they were able to drag the case out for years. And what ever happened to all those breaches of ethics by one Minister or another? A few Mea Culpas and that was it. And what ever happened to that Contempt of Parliament ruling? The Reform-a-Cons used it to spin, manipulate and connive their way into majority government. No accountability what so ever. And what about the travesty of the G20, the Gazebos? NOTHING? And what about the Supreme Court ruling that The Government of Harper had actively denied Omar Khadr his Charter rights. NOTHING!

When they had a minority government, the Reform-a-Cons successfully kept the sadly splintered opposition chasing their own tails. Now that they have a majority government, there is essentially, no one to hold the Government of Harper to account. The watchdogs that weren't already toothless, have become so under the Harper regime. And we are three years away from the next election so even the voters who care and are inclined to do so, are powerless to topple this corrupt, banana-republic regime. 

So the Government of Harper, as I said earlier, the most corrupt government in our history, lies, cheats and steals from Canadian taxpayers on an almost daily basis, because they CAN and no one and nothing can stop them. It's just good business. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's Time for The Governor General to Prorogue Parliament

The following is the text from a petition to His Excellency, The Right Honorable David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada.  It is requesting that, in light of the revelation that significant and widespread Election fraud may have occurred during the 2011 federal election,  Parliament be prorogued pending the outcome of the investigation  into the alleged fraudulent activity. It is further requesting that a full,open and transparent Royal Commission be held in order to determine the legitimacy of our current government and to restore confidence in our democratic system. If you agree with the statement below, please click on the link above or click on and sign the petition to the right of this post. 

"To His Excellency, The Right Honourable David Johnston, Governor General of Canada,
Rideau Hall 
I Sussex Drive,
Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A1

Given the recent revelation by Elections Canada that 200 of a possible 308 ridings in the recent May 2011 federal election may have been subjected to harassing and misleading phone calls, we the undersigned believe that the legitimacy and outcome of that election may have been been compromised and is therefore in doubt.

It has been estimated that the current government holds a majority based on as few as 6,000 votes in total from 14 closely contested “swing” ridings. If there is any truth to this, the harassing and misleading phone calls, meant to direct voters to non existent polling stations or badger them into not voting for the party of their choosing, may have had a significant impact on the outcome of the election. As such, this would be tantamount to vote tampering and suppression and that individuals falsely pretending to be members of a certain political party or worse, representatives of Elections Canada, are guilty of fraud. This is little better, or perhaps, even worse than ballot box stuffing. But Elections Canada is claiming that as many as 2/3 of all federal ridings may have been subjected to this possible fraudulent activity. If true, how many votes could have been effected by this wholly undemocratic and highly illegal strategy?

This is a deeply deeply disturbing turn of events for a Western Democratic nation, that fraudulent behaviour and election tampering of this magnitude might have occurred. The legitimacy of our current government is thrown into serious question and doubt as to whether or not they have the confidence of the majority of the citizens of Canada casts a huge shadow on our whole democratic process. Because of the possibility of our government occupying it's position illegally and not being representative of the will of the majority of citizens, it is felt that any laws or bills passed by what is possibly an illegitimate government are subsequently illegal and not in the best interest of the country.

What we, the undersigned are then requesting of His Excellency, the Governor General of Canada, is that the Parliament of Canada be prorogued until the completion of the investigation by Elections Canada and the RCMP. Further to this investigation, we are requesting an open and transparent Royal Commission to look into this matter and to make recommendations. If it is found that the outcome of the May 2011 election was not significantly effected by fraudulent activity, then Parliament would resume it's normal business, free and unfettered by the pall of illegitimacy. If it is found that the fraudulent activity occurred and had a significant impact on the make-up of our government, we would ask your Excellency to recommend bi-elections in the effected ridings or, if Elections Canada is correct and 2/3 of all ridings were effected, then the current government be dissolved and a whole new election be called.

We are not asking his Excellency to interfere in the politics of the country. Rather, we are seeking his support in allowing Canadians themselves to restore justice and confidence in the great Parliamentary democracy we have inherited.

Canadians are fiercely proud of their democratic tradition and our reputation as being a beacon of light and a model for developing democratic nations. As such, even the hint of election tampering and voter suppression tarnishes our credibility both at home and on the international stage as being world leaders and champions of rights and democracy. Therefore the legitimacy of our current government must be determined once and for all. Any transgressors,must be identified and punished to the fullest extent of the law and an open, honest and fully transparent process must occur in order to make these determinations. This is about democracy and whether or not our government truly holds the confidence of the people of Canada and is reflective of it's collective will or if our electoral process has been usurped and subjected to the will and expertise of a handful of fraudsters and clever confidence men".  

Friday, April 6, 2012

Why can't Harper reverse his mistakes and put Canada back in surplus?

The Progressive Canadian Party is a legitimate federal political party. They are composed mainly of members of the former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada who would have nothing to do with the merger between the Reform/Alliance group and Peter MacKay's P.C's in 2003. They can be seen as either Red "Tories" or Blue "Grits" and take equally, the best ideas and philosophies from either sides of the political spectrum. They are purely "Canadian" in their thinking and are slaves to no ideology or corporate interest. Their sole purpose is to do what's best for all Canadians
Below, is a statement from the Leader of the Party, the Honorable Sinclair Stevens, in response to the Reform-Conservative 2012 budget. 

"Why can't Harper reverse his mistakes and put Canada back in surplus?

Newmarket, Ontario, April 4, 2012
The Federal Government could put Canada into a budget surplus in 2012-2013 if they immediately reversed two mistakes they have made since taking power in 2006.

That year they inherited a $13.8 billion surplus. But to win favour with voters they reduced the GST from 7% to 6%, and in 2008 they cut it further to 5%. As a result the GST revenue fell by $19 billion from 2007 to 2009.

After real growth in the economy GST revenue is still 12 billion lower than in 2005.

But the cut helped them get elected.

The second mistake they’ve made is reducing corporate taxes from 21% to 16.5%. This tax yielded the Federal Government $153 billion in 2006 compared to $131 billion last year – a fall of $22 billion. They now propose to lower the rate to 15% compared to a 27% rate in the United States.

But the corporate tax cuts gained them business support.

It is time they corrected their errors.

They project a deficit this year of 24.9 billion, which should not have been allowed to happen, and next year they project 21.1 billion in deficit. They now project the national debt will reach an all-time high of $600 billion, and remain there to 2015. Parliament must insist that the lost GST revenue and corporate tax gifts be immediately reversed to ensure there is a surplus in FY2012-13 instead of a deficit of 21.1 billion.

When the Liberal Government was in power they took steps to lower the national debt, which was approaching $600 billion, so that by the time the Harper Government took over it was down to $500 billion. Clearly, if we accept their figures, the Chretien-Martin Governments were better managers than the Harper Government.

It is intolerable that a government is so devious in their quest for power that they subject the nation’s grandchildren to such a huge and continuing debt.

For more information contact:

Hon.Sinclair Stevens,
PC Party Leader,